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Welcome to degiorgi.de (edition christmas 2013)

So here's the last update 2013. Can't say it has been boring. Things started and ended and partially biased strong plans. But -still- I feel a very urge to reduce output. It's important to stop the spam.

If you have any questions regarding any of the projects details don't hesitate to ask. For now it just feels right to keep it compact.

Actually it feels life started hacking back at me, so i figured I need to slow down for now. Still everything runs with the average tendency towards entropy, but there is a palpable increase in speed. But no complaining.

CV / Education

Name: Sandro Cosimo Degiorgi

Born: Yes, 16.07.1973 (so roughly   years)

Real languages: german (mother tounge), english (good), italian (ok) and a little bit of latin

Electronic languages: Ada, C, C++, C#, Java, PHP, Scala, Haskell, Clojure, Prolog, Python, Perl, TCL, Pascal, Modula 2, Assembler, ... for more information just mail me.

More electronics: (X)HTML, CSS, Javascript, Webservices, SOAP, XML, XSL(T), XSL-FO, CORBA/IDL, (T/My)SQL, CUDA, Firewalls, Office, VBA, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, bash, ant, make, ... several specific script languages

Even more electronics: SCRUM, continuous integration, project management, maturity models, (static) program analysis, data race analysis, multicore, embedded systems, compilers, programming languages and paradigms, clone detection, web concepts

Electronic world: I am fascinated with computing machines since 1985. Early hour C=ommodore-kid on VC20, C64 and Amiga (500, 1000, 2000, 4000 :>). First "Hello Universe"' on Motorola 680X0, Assembler was pretty straightforward and I love ANSI C. I was into mailboxing and was running my own bulletin board systems for several years. First PC in 1997, finally connected to the internet (yay!).

Real world: I'm here for my girlfriend and family. Still paralysed by my mother's death and my dad's diagnose. Shit happens they say. I'm pretty much into music and I like to get things done. I have three elder brothers and one sister. I am not married with no children.

Education: apprenticeship as electronics technician, german abitur, bachelor in informatics (B.Sc.), master of science in software technology (M.Sc.)

Professional experience: 20 years of freelancing, one year with the executive departement quality management at the Stuttgart Media University, two years as research assistant with the programming languages and compiler group at the Stuttgart University, and still a tendency towards more. I have a lot of curiosity towards science, physics and biology in specific.

Certifications: MCP, MCDST, MCTS, MCITP, LPIC-1, CLA, SUSE 11 Tech Spec and PSM (Scrum)

Freelancer, resilient, diligent and reliable.

Web Projects (assortment)

logo swr3

Programming, development and administration of the SDR3/SWR3 homepage.

for: Sueddeutscher Rundfunk, Suedwestrundfunk
duration: years

logo zicero

Design, programming and further development of a webmanagementsystem based on Zope and python.
[ features ]

for: Know How IT-Solutions GmbH
duration: years

mashup zicero webs

Design and implementation of various special features on dozens of systems of different complexity running on that webmanagementsystem.

for: TeleCash, Jako, Maerkte Stuttgart, Glaspalast, Altes Schauspielshaus and more
duration: weeks to months

screenshot kultursaeulen

Several static, PHP, Perl, JSP and ASP driven websites on Apache, Tomcat and IIS.

for: Kultursaeulen, Herdt Verlag, Gentner Verlag, Know How AG
duration: days to weeks

screenshot intranet

Intranet solutions based on various web-, database- and operating systems

for: T-Systems, Minol
duration: weeks

screenshot dess.de

Web based content management system, development of several engines and interfaces to backends

for: Demenz Support Stuttgart gGmbH
duration: months

screenshot bfs.de

Semi dynamic custom system, interfaces, database driven engines, relaunch on cms
Web based content management system, development of several engines and interfaces to backends

for: Demenz Support BFService GmbH
duration: months

screenshot sport-bewegung-demenz.de

Web based content management system, development of several engines and interfaces to backends

for: Was geht! Sport, Bewegung und Demenz
funding: Robert Bosch Stiftung; Bundesministerium Familien, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend; Gradmann-Stiftung
duration: weeks

screenshot offenes-atelier-schapa.de

Static web resource, pending content management system realization

for: Offenes Atelier Scharnhauser Park
duration: days


Software Projects (assortment)

minol logo

Several solutions in automation, windows specific .dlls, bugtracking system, on site installations.

for: Minol
duration: days to weeks

screenshot exhaust heater calculation

TAR calculator
Mathematically rather sophisticated piece of code (so called TAR calculations). Result data can be saved and printed.

for: iTas
duration: weeks

SimPhidget Editor

SimPhidget Editor
Application to edit, preview and -play, load and save Phidget animations. Data saved in bml/xml.
[ java application ]

for: HfT, Fakultaet A
duration: weeks

Phidget Control Center

Phidget Control Center, a SimPhidget (real) player to play bml-Files on a real Phidget.
Project supervision, system design
C# code by T. Reis, HfT (reis [dot] thomas76 [at] gmail [dot] com)
[ application ]

for: HfT, Fakultaet A
duration: weeks


robofight - a multiplayer online action game
Project supervision, design and implementation

for: HfT, bachelor degree, software project 2, final semester
duration: months

AMP, Ant-based Multi-Agent Project-Scheduling

AMP - Ant-based Multi-Agent Project-Scheduling
Project infrastructure, Design, Implementation, Administration
[ documentation ]

for: HfT, masters degree, software project, first semester
duration: months


sim650 - A python implementation of an IBM 650 simulator
This implements 21 operations based on original [ documentation ].
[ project page ]

for: Fun and curiosity, living too close to Sindelfingen IBM Museum
duration: weeks

CTT, Curriculum Based Course Time Tabling

CTT - Curriculum Based Course Time Tabling
Application utilizing M.J. Geigers approach and an ea to solve ITC-2007 problem instances

for: HfT, masters degree, software project algodat, second semester
duration: months

Microsoft Exchange Powershell

Webservice Exchange Powershell

for: HfT, freelancer
duration: weeks

stuttgart media university qm

executive department qm, software concepts, operational support systems

for: Stuttgart Media University, Quality Management
duration: months

program analysis, data race analysis

result evaluation of static data race analysis results

for: Stuttgart University (bauhaus), automotive (affil. aramis)
duration: months
publication: [ download @ ISTE/PS ].



for: Stuttgart University (bauhaus), railway, aeronautics, automotive (aramis)
funding: Bundesministrium für Bildung und Forschung
duration: months


E-Learning Projects

effizienz2 logo

Tandem Learning (working title Effizienz2). Design, prototype and implementation. [ info ] [ trailer ]

for: Know How AG
duration: months

Online Learning System

Online Learning System
Design, Implementation, Prototyping

for: NDA
duration: months

mashup topcat websphere

Migration of a proprietary "Course Manager" tool from Apache Tomcat to WebSphere.

for: NDA
duration: days

glimpse of scorm

Database schema improvements, extensions and adaption to SCORM for an online medical education site.

for: NDA
duration: weeks


Mobile Projects

playful sinful startscreen

"Playful sinful" - a mobile learning game
Framework and playable system, five exemplary questionsets, sets are extensible, more sets can be added, in-game sets are mixable.
[ j2me application ]

for: HfT, bachelor degree, pervasive computing
duration: weeks



Before taking up serious studies I worked for ten years freelancing. Part of that time I lived in Hallbergmoos / near Munich working e.g. for Siemens, Dr. Oetker and Soehne Mannheims.

During my studies I dived a bit (papers, presentations, marks) into webservices [ draft ] [ presentation ], TinyOS/WSN [ draft ], semantic web [ draft ], mobile learning (see mobile- or files-tab), data warehousing / data mining (bachelor thesis/nda), and parallelization using CUDA (master thesis).

As a "post-master" so-to-speak I am enrolled as research assistant with the programming languages and compilers group and the Stuttgart University.

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Files / Downloads

For your convenience here is a list of files available here and there on the site. If you have any questions or comments to make please contact me.



Ergebnisbewertung konservativer statischer Data-Race-Analysen (in german)
[ Stuttgart University ] [ Siegen University ]

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